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Tenth Session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

arton3415The Tenth Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) is taking place from 16 to 27 May at UN Headquarters in New York. This year there is no special theme as the Forum has a bi-annual working method – one policy year and one review year – and 2011 is a review year. The Tenth Session will address follow-up to the recommendations of the Permanent Forum on: economic and social development; environment; and free, prior and informed consent. Each session will be informed by analysis reports as well as reports from the Special Rapporteur and Expert Groups.

On human rights, the Forum will discuss implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and a dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous people and other UN human rights mechanisms will be held.

There will also be a half-day discussion on Central and South America and the Caribbean as well as a comprehensive dialogue with United Nations agencies and funds. A half-day discussion will be held on the right to water and indigenous peoples.

The session will also consider its future work, including issues of the Economic and Social Council as well as emerging issues. Included under this agenda item is a discussion on the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples, projected for 2014. The session will also consider the Special Rapporteur’s study on the cumulative effects of land fragmentation, natural resource exploration, diminishing land and associated rights; his technical review of the international regime on access and benefit-sharing; his study on international criminal law and the judicial defence of indigenous peoples’ rights; his study of forced labour and indigenous peoples; as well as his study on the impacts of the global crisis. Finally, the Tenth Session will consider the draft the agenda for the Eleventh session of the Permanent Forum.

The Special Rapporteur, Professor James Anaya, will hold individual meetings with representatives of indigenous peoples and organizations during the session from 18 - 20 May 2011.

Documents from the Secretariat of the Permanent Forum, the UN system and other inter-governmental organizations, and governments can be found online.


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