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High-level Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing: Civil Society Perspectives

arton3103The UN Secretary-General established a High-level Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing (AGF) on 12 February 2010 for the duration of 10 months. The final report of the AGF was released in early November and is available here. A video of the press event for the report launch can be viewed here.


The Group studied “potential sources of revenue for the scaling up of new and additional resources from developed countries for financing actions in developing countries, in the spirit of the political commitments contained in the Copenhagen Accord, with a view to contributing to an appropriate decision of the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties at its 16th session in Mexico.”

For the full Terms of Reference and more information about the AGF, please visit the AGF website.

Civil Society Input
At the request of the AGF Secretariat, NGLS sought input from civil society from August through October 2010 regarding political considerations for the AGF final report. Civil society input was gathered through telephone interviews with NGO representatives, and through two in-person meetings and a conference call between NGO representatives and the AGF Secretariat. The input was conveyed to the AGF Panelists and their deputies through four reports:

Civil Society Feedback About the AGF Report
After the release of the AGF final report in November 2010, NGLS continued its efforts to provide opportunities for dialogue between civil society representatives and the AGF Secretariat, as a means for civil society to ask questions and provide feedback about the AGF final report. NGLS therefore organized one in-person meeting (8 November) and one conference call between the AGF Secretariat and civil society representatives (16 November). The meeting and conference call were conduced under the Chatham House Rule and notes were conveyed to the AGF Panelists and their deputies through the following reports:

Climate Finance Roundtable Discussion at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP-16)

On 7 December 2010 in Cancun, Mexico, NGLS organized a closed multi-stakeholder discussion on the subject of “Climate Finance – The Role of Public Sources,” bringing together more than 40 participants including AGF deputies, and climate finance experts from governments and civil society, including from youth organizations. A summary of this meeting is available here.

The summary is structured so that it captures key points made during participants’ remarks and a summary of the discussion period. The event sought to advance understanding about public sources of climate financing; in particular how these sources can be reconciled with the principle of Common but Differentiated Responsibilities.

Climate Finance Panel Discussion at UNHQ in New York on 7 February 2011

NGLS and the New York Office of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung organized a panel discussion event that took place on Monday, 7 February at UNHQ titled, “Climate Finance: Ethical considerations for Scale, Sources and Governance.” This discussion was moderated by Mr. Janos Pasztor, Designated Head of the Secretary-General’s Global Sustainability Panel Secretariat. Panelists included experts on climate change and climate finance from governments and civil society organizations. More information about this event, including a link to a video of the full discussion is available here.

The latest NGLS e-Roundup "Achieving Equitable and Effective Climate Finance: Civil Society Perspectives" was released in conjunction with the 7 February panel discussion at UNHQ. The e-Roundup highlights civil society perspectives on recent outcomes of the UN Climate Change Conference in Cancún, Mexico (COP16) as well as issues related to sources and governance for climate finance.

Civil Society Papers on Climate Finance
NGLS has also collected a number of civil society papers on the subject of climate finance and the work of the AGF. Those papers are available for your review here.


This article is available in Spanish.

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