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Global Open Day for Women and Peace

arton2676Throughout much of June 2010, the Global Open Day for Women and Peace was held around the world. In more than 20 post-conflict countries, senior UN officials opened their doors to women peace activists and leaders. Special Representatives of the UN Secretary-General and other high-level officials also engaged with women advocates to hear their concerns, and discuss how to increase women’s participation in sustainable conflict resolution, peacemaking and peacebuilding.

In astatement, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called the Global Open Day for Women and Peace an opportunity to “reinvigorate our efforts to realize the vision set out in resolution 1325.” Recommendations from the meetings will be forwarded to the UN Security Council for it to consider in accelerating the resolution’s implementation.

The Open Day was organized by theUN Department of Peacekeeping Operations(DPKO), theUN Department of Political Affairs(DPA), theUnited Nations Development Fund for Women(UNIFEM) and theUN Development Programme(UNDP).

Open Day News

For highlights, clickhere.

Pakistani Women Call for Action Plan on Security Council Resolution 1325(15.06.2010)

Afghan Women Concerned about Security and Justice(12.06.2010)

Working for Sustainable Peace in Nepal by Addressing Social Injustice(11.06.2010)

Peace Advocates in Guinea-Bissau Call for Gender-Sensitive Evaluation of Interventions (11.06.2010)http://www.unifem.org/news_events/s...

Timor-Leste Women Call for Gender Parity in the Police(11.06.2010)

At UN Consultations, Women Peace Advocates in Post-Conflict Countries Highlight Urgent Need to Engage Women in Peacebuilding(11.06.2010)

Sudanese Women Call for Increased Representation in Decision-Making(10.06.2010)

Somali Women Concerned about High Levels of Rights Violations(09.06.2010)

Regional Conference on SCR 1325 Implementation Planned in West Africa(08.06.2010)

National Action Plan on SCR 1325 Launched in Sierra Leone(08.06.2010)

Kosovar Women Concerned about Economic and Social Security Issues(07.06.2010)

Say NO to sexual violence in conflict!

Women and girls hardly ever fight the world’s wars, but they often suffer the most. Increasingly, they are the direct targets of fighting, when sexual violence is deliberately used as a tactic of warfare.

And yet fewer than 10 percent of the people who negotiate peace deals are women, and only about three dozen individuals have been convicted and jailed by international war crimes tribunals for committing or commanding widespread sexual violence.

Sexual violence in conflict is NOT inevitable. It can be stopped. Ten years ago, in its landmarkresolution 1325, the United Nations Security Council called for women’s full and equal participation in all elements of peacemaking, and for prevention of this kind of violence. But implementation of this historic resolution has been too slow.

Add your name to this petition and ask your government to support three steps to implement Security Council resolution 1325:

• Prosecute those who command and/or commit sexual violence and exclude them from armies and police forces after conflict.

• Ensure that women participate in peace negotiations and all post-conflict decision-making institutions.

• Increase the number of women in troops, police forces and civilians within international peacekeeping efforts.

Clickhereto sign online petition.

Read also therecommendationsfrom the Civil Society Advisory Group on Women, Peace and Security on Events and Actions to Commemorate the 10th Anniversary of SCR 1325.

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