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Meetings with Co-Facilitators of UN Summit for Refugees & Migrants: Register to Attend at UNHQ or Submit Video Comments

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At the request of the Co-Facilitators of the UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants, H.E. Dina Kawar, Permanent Representative of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to the United Nations, and H.E. David Donoghue, Permanent Representative of Ireland to the United Nations, UN-NGLS and UN DESA invite stakeholders to participate in one-hour meetings with the Co-Facilitators. The final meeting will take place on 28 July at 10:00am in Conference Room 5 at UN Headquarters. This is the fourth of several such one-hour meetings, to take place immediately following informal meetings of UN Member States on the outcome documents for the Summit. To enable those who cannot travel to NY to contribute to these one-hour meetings - particularly people living as refugees and migrants - the Co-Facilitators have authorized UN-NGLS to also invite video submissions of up to 2 minutes each, providing recommendations in response to the draft texts above, to be considered for inclusion in a meeting.

Videos filmed with cell phones, computers or tablets are fine. Free video transfer technology is available. All UN Member States will be invited to attend these meetings to hear the views of stakeholders on the draft texts. Read More for instructions to register to attend in person, or to send a video, and for links to the draft outcome documents and many other resources.

1)  If you can attend the 28 July meeting in person

Please use this form to register:

DEADLINE for those who do not possess UN Grounds Passes: 10:00am 26 July
DEADLINE for those with UN Grounds Passes: 9:00am on 28 July 2016

Please register if you would like to be considered by the Co-Facilitators to present comments on the draft Declaration for the Summit, and the associated draft Global Compact on Responsibility Sharing for Refugees during these one-hour meetings.

Please also register if you do not possess a UN Grounds Pass and would like to apply to observe the meetings.
Representatives with Grounds Passes who wish only to observe are encouraged to register so any updates can reach them in a timely manner, but it is not required.

The Co-Facilitators will decide who they will call upon from among this list of registrants, and will request short statements of 2 minutes each. Coordination among organizations is encouraged, so that where possible, an individual may speak on behalf of a number of organisations, to maximize the opportunity for a diversity of perspectives to be presented during the short time available for the meetings.

2)  If you cannot travel to NY for this meeting and would like to submit a video

The Co-Facilitators have authorized UN-NGLS to invite submissions of video comments on the draft texts of up to 2 minutes each, to be considered for inclusion in one of their meetings with stakeholders. Audiences can be impacted more by video that conveys context. Free technology is available to send video files via smart phones and computers. If you would like to send a video, please follow these instructions:

a) Please send us your video using the free service WeTranfser via https://www.wetransfer.com/ or its phone app https://www.wetransfer.com/mobile which allows you to send files up to 2 Gigabytes file size. When using that tool, enter this email address into the "Friend's email" field: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Please do not email us files without using WeTransfer - we need higher resolution files than can be sent directly by email).
b) Please send video files of highest resolution possible up to 2 Gigabytes file size.
c) Please film in a location that shares something about your life or the issues you are concerned about.
d) Please say your name, organization name (if applicable) and then your brief comment. Please provide recommendations for the texts mentioned above, based on your review of the current drafts.
e) If you film with a phone or small camera, please keep it close to the person commenting so the audio will be good.
f) Videos longer than 2 minutes cannot be used - please respect this time limit.
g) We also encourage you to post videos on Instagram (1 minute limit) or on Twitter (30 second limit) using #UN4RefugeesMigrants to broaden the dialogue. We will monitor those channels for videos.
h) If you are sending a video, you do not need to complete the form below - just follow the instructions above.

All civil society videos played during the meetings with the Co-Facilitators in July 2016:

3)  Resources

a) 30 July 2016 draft Declaration for the Summit:

b) 30 July draft of Annex I - Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework:

c) 30 July draft of Annex II - Towards A Global Compact For Safe, Orderly And Regular Migration:

d) Video of the 7 July meeting between civil society and the Co-Facilitators:

e) Video of the 14 July meeting between civil society and the Co-Facilitators:

f) Videos of 18 July UN General Assembly multistakeholder hearings for the 19 September Summit:
Part I: http://bit.ly/18July2016-UNGA-hearings-for-19Sept-Summit-refugees-migrants-Part-1
Part II: http://bit.ly/18July2016-UNGA-hearings-for-19Sept-Summit-refugees-migrants-Part-2

g) Video of the 28 July meeting between civil society and the Co-Facilitators:

h) Written summary from the President of the General Assembly of the 18 July multistakeholder hearings:

i) More information about the Summit for Refugees and Migrants is available here:

and here:

4) Sign up to receive email announcements

Sign up to receive email announcements about the UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants here:

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